LC Tri Shop

Love Every Ride with Our Bikes

We are well experienced at manufacturing bikes, their repairing services. Some of our best manufactured products are described below.


A cruiser bike is a typical Amercian style bike that resembles the designs of a motorcycle. The riding positions are usually stiff and straight that help you with your postures and help you have a focused and healthy ride. Cruisers have also been considered a style statement for many years. Find them with us.

Racing Bikes

Racing bikes, as the name says it all, are specifically made for racing and rough-riding in competitions. That is why they are made to maintain safety and avoid reckless accidents. We use aluminium and carbon fiber that helps a smooth ride and are generously budget-friendly. We make sure that you have an improved riding quality with these bikes and their services.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are specially made for rough roads, single tracks, mountain trails, unpaved surfaces, and fire roads, although perhaps the majority of them are never used off-pavement, and it is common to find hybrid road bikes based on mountain-bike frames for sale. We also have products and services related to mountain bikes with us.